Air Raid in Edmonton in August 1940



Sebastopol Road


Lower Edmonton London N.9


 Before the War



King George VI Coronation Street Party in Sebastopol Road 1937



Many of the adults in this picture had lived through the First World War also known as the Great War in 1914 to 1918.  The First World War was mainly fought at the front line in trenches by soldiers in France.  When the people in this photograph were enjoying this party, they had no idea what the next few years from 1939 to 1945 were to hold for them.  The German Blitzkrieg was about to bring the WAR to the Home front in a new and terrible way. 

Nearly all of the children in this photograph were to be evacuated to different parts of the country to protect them from the terrible bombing that happened in London.  Some children from Sebastopol road were evacuated to Norfolk and Gloucestershire. While others were evacuated to the very end of the country near to Lands End and St Just in Cornwall.



The first Air Raid



In late August 1940, Sebastopol Road N.9 was hit by bombs that were dropped from a German plane.  This night time air raid also hit civilian targets in the East End of London, Hackney, Tottenham, Walthamstow, Leyton, Islington and also destroyed St Giles church in Cripplegate Central London shown here on a map.



This Air Raid was one of the very first night time Air Raids in London on civilian targets in the Second World War.  Although the Blitz didn’t officially start until September 7th 1940, it now recognised that these Air raids were part of the events that helped to trigger the start of the ‘Blitz’.




The Air Raids angered the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill so much that he ordered the Royal Air Force [ R.A.F ] to ‘Bomb Berlin’ the German capital over the next few nights. 


The R.A.F bombing raids on the German Capital made Germany’s Leader Adolph Hitler very angry as he didn’t think the R.A.F could reach that far into Germany.  Adolph Hitler then ordered the German Air Force the ‘Luftwaffe’ to change direction from attacking the fighter airfields in the south east of England to bomb London.  The Germans called this a ‘BlitzKrieg’ or ‘Lightening War’ which was intended to bomb London and Britain into submission. So in a small way Sebastopol road played a part in the start of the ‘Blitz’ of the Second World War.




Sebastopol RoadEdmonton after the Air Raid


The houses on the right of this photo in the foreground were the ones that were badly damaged by one of the first night air raids on civilian targets in London in WW II in August 1940.  Here you can see the backs of the same houses that the street party took place in front off in the picture at the top of the page, just three years earlier..


This air raid, which also hit other parts of London and the East End was one of the key events that was to lead to the start of the London Blitz.




August 1940



23rd...24th August 1940 – showing the damage to numbers 2,4,6 8,10 Sebastopol Road Edmonton N.9



Click here for a Pathe News film of the aftermath of this air raid and an interview

 with Lydia Jiggins of Number 2 Sebastopol Road – the house badly damaged.




airraid-august1940-b   1894_map_edmonton_1400airraid

A sailor home on leave poses for the camera                     Map of the area that was bombed

                                                                        click on the map for a larger picture





Another photograph taken at a different angle of the Air Raid damage 




The Alcazar

The Alcazar was both a local cinema where they showed the silent movies of the day, when it

opened in 1912 and a boxing arena where boxing matches were regularly held.  The Alcazar

was badly damaged in the same air raid that hit Sebastopol Road.  It later had to be demolished.




The Alcazar Cinema and Boxing ring just after it opened in 1912


sebastopol3   sebastopol4

Two photographs of the Alcazar Cinema and Boxing ring that was badly damaged during the Air raid






Some of those that lost their lives during the War


On the 16th October 1940 there was another airraid on Sebastopol Road - Numbers 57 and 59 were badly bombed.


Sadly the Rose family, including Leonard, Ada and their 15 month old son Tony were all killed



In Memory of


who died on
Wednesday, 16th October 1940. Age 38.

of 57 Sebastopol Road. Wife of Leonard Sidney Rose. at 57 Sebastopol Road.

In Memory of


who died on
Wednesday, 16th October 1940. Age 38.

of 57 Sebastopol Road. Husband of Ada Alice Rose. at 57 Sebastopol Road

In Memory of


who died on
Wednesday, 16th October 1940. Age 15 months.

of 57 Sebastopol Road. Son of Leonard Sidney and Ada Alice Rose. at 57 Sebastopol Road.





The Children of Sebastopol road





Some of the children of Sebastopol Road taken about 1935


The little girl third from the left in the front row wearing a beret is Edna Bellinger.  Edna lived at 43 Sebastopol Road and started at Brettenham Road Primary school in 1934 at the age of five.  Edna was evacuated to St. Just near Lands End in Cornwall twice during the Second World War with her Mum.  Her Dad who had fought in the trenches in France in the First World War was a Stevedore at the London docks, which was a reserved occupation and he stayed at Sebastopol Road throughout the War so that he could continue to work at the Docks in the East End.


Edna like many other children in the road was evacuated at the start of the War in 1939/1940 when she was aged ten and then returned to Sebastopol Road when the Blitz ended in 1941.   She was evacuated to St. Just in Cornwall again in 1944 when she was aged fifteen when the V1 flying bombs and V2 rockets began to land on London. 


She met her future husband in St. Just and at the end of the War returned to Edmonton and Sebastopol road where she married and became Edna Waters.  She lived with her husband and family in Sebastopol road until the early 1950’s when the houses in the road were demolished,

due to their age and war time bomb damage. 







Another photo of Sebastopol Road children taken a few years later


Edna can be seen again in this picture, fourth from the left in the first standing row.






The maps shows how near Brettenham Road Primary School

was to where the bomb landed.








Map showing Sebastopol road  




Aerial photo of Edmonton Green 1935 – just before the War



The bomb landed behind the Police Station

There wasn’t any air raid siren warning before the raid and some people ran to this police station

 to warn them about the raid and to ring the station bell.







Edmonton Town Hall – referred to by Lydia Jiggins of No. 2 Sebastopol Road

in the Pathe News film - Air Raid “Victim”





Another Pathe News film showing the National Washing Service

at work in Edmonton’s bombed out streets







 The high road – showing the Library and salvation Army Citadel











Appendix A.

Sebastopol Road - 1939


Electoral register [ only the people over the voting age of 21 are listed ]

Even numbers – South side                              Odd numbers – North side


2      Jiggins, Lydia Sarah                                     1          Simpson, Charles George

2      Crighton, John                                                          1            Simpson, Annie Rose

4    Williams, Robert Earl                                      1          Simpson, Daisy Lilian

4    Williams, Lydia Gladys                                   3          Wiggins, Albert

6      French,  Ernest Henry                                              3            Wiggins, Emily

6      French, Matilda                                               5          Hope, Herbert

8    Carslake, Albert Richard                                5          Hope, Louisa May

8    Carslake, Elizabeth Annie                               7          Castle, Charles Wallace

10   Owen, Frank Arthur Benjamin                        9          Wiggins, Walter

10   Owen, Ann Elizabeth                                      9          Wiggins, Jessie

10   Owen, Harry                                                   9          Baker, Henry

12  Coates, Frederick                                           11        Herrington, Eliza

12  Coates, Elizabeth                                            11        Herrington, Edward Charles

14   Coombe, William Daniel                                 11        Wood, James

14   Coombe, Annie                                               11        Wood, Mary Ann

16  Johnson, George Henry                                 11        Judd, Albert

16  Johnson, Ada Emma                                      21        Bacon, William

16  Johnson, Margaret Dorothy                            21        Bacon, Hilda

18   Wade, William Frederick                                21        Ferry, Rose Kathleen

18   Wade, Clara Caroline                                     23        Raxworthy, John Edwin

20  Ingrey, Albert                                                  23        Raxworthy, Doris Elizabeth

20  Ingrey, Rosina                                                 25        Tubbs, Surrey William

20  Ingrey, Frederick                                            25        Tubbs, Eleanor Edith may



20  Ingrey, George                                                27        Greenaway, Albert Thomas

22   Clifton, Charles John                                      27        Greenaway, Mary Ann

22  Clifton, Ada Elizabeth                                     29        Martin, Mary Ann

24  Bowen, Leonard Alfred                                   29        Martin, Maud

24  Bowen, Dorothy Mary                                                29        Martin, Walter

26   White, Emily                                                    31        Webb, Emily

26   White, Henry George                                      31        Webb, William

28  Warwick, William Arthur                                 33        Tyrrell, Archibald Percival

28  Warwick, Elizabeth Rose                                33        Tyrrell, Gladys Rosceallia

30   Brown, Frank William Henry                          35        Youens, Frederick

30   Brown, Ivy Lilian Grace                                  35        Youens, Kathleen

32  Mackerness, Arthur Henry                             35        Howard, Arthur Frederick

32  Mackerness, Florence Catherine                   37        Dodd, Maria Selina

34   Young, Frederick                                            37        Pitt, Alfred James

34   Young, Frances Victoria                                 39        Pink, Catherine

36  Marriott, Sarah Mary Ann                                       PENN STEET is located here……

36  Marriott, Albert Edward                                   41        Everett, Henry William

38   Stent, Annie Alice                                           41        Everett, Mary

40   Cresswell, Margaret                                        41        Everett, Harry Thomas

40   Greenaway, Arthur James                             43        Bellenger, John Edwin

40   Greenaway, Ina Decima May                                    43        Bellenger, Alice Bessie

42  Greenaway, Arthur Guy                                 43        Bellenger, John William

42  Greenaway, Ellen                                           45        Ralph, Henry Thomas

42  Greenaway, Ellen May                                   45        Ralph, Jessie

42  Greenaway, Albert Henry                              47        Gregory, Margaret

42  Greenaway, Doris Edith                                 49        Floyd, Henry Joseph

46   Cole, Edith                                                      49        Floyd, Margaret

46   Elsden, Henry James Albert                           51        Tuohey, Maria Kate


46   Elsden, Marjorie                                              51        Tuohey, Leonard

46   Gordon, Kathleen                                            53        Morley, Amelia Rachel

48  Richardson, Charles Frederick                       55        Rose, Sidney

48  Richardson, Elsa Evelyn                                55        Rose, Rosa

50   Weeks, William Richard                                 55        Rose, Constance

50   Weeks, Lillian Blanche                                    57        Rose, Leonard Sidney

50   Weeks, Lilian Agnes                                       57        Rose, Ada Alice

52  Cowling, Harry Edward William                      59        Collins, Bernard Murdoch

52  Cowling, Rose                                     59        Collins, Ethel Mary Anne Lilian

52  Cowling, Harry Clifford                                   61        Williams, William George

54   Richardson, Rebecca                                     61        Williams, May Catherine

56  Dedden, Walter Edward                                 63        Albon, Edward

56  Dedden, Mary Ellen                                        63        Albon, Annie

58  Wright, Susan Alice                                        65        Christmas,  Alfred William

58  Wright, Amelia, Elizabeth                                65        Christmas, Albert Edward

58  Wright, Susan Harriet                                     65        Christmas, Jessie

58  Wright, Alfred Earnest                                    67        Blake, William George Albert

60  Norfield, Edith                                                 67        Blake, Ethel May

60  Payne, Eleanor Maude                                  69        Pearce, Joel

69           Pearce Harriet Ann

71        Ellis, George William

                                                                                    71        Ellis, Hilda Elizabeth




Sebastopol Road - 1948


Electoral register [ only the people over the voting age of 21 are listed ]

Even numbers – South side                          Odd numbers – North side


2          McCabe, Charlotte L                                      1          Lent, Rebecca

2          McCabe, Charles                                            1          Lent, Sydney R

4          Simpson, Annie R                                           3          Perks, Louisa L

4          Simpson, Charles G                                       3          Perks, Gordon

6          Giddings, Alice D                                            5          Hatcher, Daisy A M

6          Giddings, Sidney W                                        5          Hatcher, Albert Douglas

8          Wiles, George                                    13        Manning, Samuel

8          Wiles, Doris S R                                              13        Manning, Ann

10        Dallas, Alexander                                            13        Giles, Emma

10        Dallas, Florence                                              13        Bugg, Robert H

10        Dallas, Beryl J                                    13        Nightingale, John

No’s 12, 14,16 & 18 missing bombed in WWII               13        Nightingale, Ernest H

20        Ingrey, George Edward                                  13        Nightingale Lilian

20        Ingrey, Rosina                                     13        Nightingale, Robert

22        Clifton, Charles J                                            13        Deakins, Jessie

22        Clifton, Beatrice M                                          13        Deakins, Arthur

24        Burgess, Gertrude F                                       13        Wig, David C

24        Clifford, Veronica J                                         13        Reynolds, Charlotte

24        Clifford, Frederick Wm                                   13        Giles, William J

26        Smith, Victor G                                               13        Wigg, Dorothy L

26        Smith, Iris M                                                    13        Smith, John C

28        Williams, Joseph M                                         13        Woolhead, Sarah M

28        Williams, Ellen Elizabeth                                 13        Woolhead, Henry R

30        Brown, Frank H                                              13        Bugg, Ann E

30        Brown, Ivy Lilian Grace                                  13        Martin, Albert

32        Jackson, Mary                                                13        Smith, Josephine

32        Hadfield, Albert                                               21        Bacon, William C F

32        Hadfield, Lucy W                                            21        Bacon, Hilda J

34        Young, Frances V                                           23        Raxworthy, John E

36        Bright, Ruth S                                                 23        Raxworthy, Doris E

36        Bright, Charles A                                             25        Richards, Alice E M

38        Stent, Annie A                                     25        Richards, Percy W E

40        Greenaway, Ina Decima M                            27        Rashbrook, Mary

40        Greenaway, Arthur James                             27        Barnes,Mary

42        Mackerness,  Arthur H                                   No’s 29,31,33,35,37 & 39 missing?

42        Mackerness, Florence C                                PENN street was located here……

42        Mackerness, Major                                         41        Everett, Henry William

46        Elsden, Florence                                             41        Everett, Mary Jane

46        Elsden, Henry James                         41        Bailey, Grace Lilian

46        Elsden, Marjorie                                              43        Bellinger, John Edwin

46        Gordon, Kathleen M J                                    43        Bellinger, Alice B

46        Gordon, Donald R                                           45        Ralph, Henry F

46        Gordon, Helen                                                47        Gregory, Margaret

48        Richardson, Charles Frederick                       49        Drawbridge, Iris M

48        Richardson, Elsa Evelyn                                49        Drawbridge, Charles

50        Weeks, William R                                           51        Hume, Esther

50        Weeks, Lilian B                                               51        Hume, Evelyn

50        Weeks, Ivar F                                                 51        Tuohey, Maria K

50        Weeks, Bernard V                                          53        Carter, John Charles

52        Cowling, Harry E W                                        53        Carter, Ethel G

52        Cowling, Rose                                     55        Evans, Dolly

54        Richardson, Benjamin J                                 No 57 missing – bombed during WWII

54        Richardson, Rebecca                         No 59 missing – bombed during WWII

56        Dedden, Walter E                                           61        Albon, May

56        Dedden, MaryE                                              61        Albon, William

56        Dedden, Colin                                     61        Williams, May Catherine O

58        Wright, Susan A                                              61        Williams, May C

58        Wright, Amelia E                                             63        Albon, Edward

58        Wright, Susan Harriet                         63        Albon, Annie

58        Wright, Alfred Earnest                                    65        Dodd, William T

60        Payne, Eleanor M                                           65        Dodd, Ada

60        Payne, Elsie B                                                67        Blake, William G A

60        Payne, Ronald H                                            67        Blake, Ethel M

                                                                                    69        Wade, Clara C

                                                                                    69        Wade, William F

71           Ellis, Hilda































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The BLITZ and how it started

Did the BLITZ really start by accident ?